Comment period extended for Clean Water Act proposed rule
June 17, 2014

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In-Lieu-Fee Program Approved
May 23, 2014

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The Pine Brook Wetlands Mitigation Bank is the first preservation bank in Ohio. The Trumbull Creek Wetlands Mitigation Bank and the Pine Brook Wetlands Mitigation Bank complement one another as a mitigation solution. The minimum 1:1 restoration ratio can be accomplished at Trumbull Creek while the remaining mitigation requirements can be realized through use of preservation at Pine Brook. Find out more here.


Protect. Enhance. Restore.

Since 1992, Ohio Wetlands Foundation has provided the highest quality compensatory mitigation by protecting, enhancing, and restoring Ohio’s aquatic resources. The Foundation, a private non-profit corporation established under section 501(c)(3), provides:

Aquatic Resource Mitigation Credits
Mitigation credits are available at multiple mitigation banks throughout Ohio.

Individual (Permittee-Responsible) or Specialized Mitigation Projects
The Foundation can provide a complete on-site or off-site mitigation solution when a mitigation bank is unavailable or incompatible with the impacted resource. The Foundation can assist with every step of the mitigation process from planning to construction to monitoring.

Design and/or Construction Oversight
The Foundation has provided design and/or construction oversight for the restoration of wetlands and streams throughout Ohio.

Partnerships with Public Entities and Conservation Based Non-Government Organizations (NGO)
Every project completed by the Foundation has a public or NGO partner. Involvement can exist as a third-party easement holder, long-term land steward, or mitigation bank partner. See our list of partners for examples.

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WETLANDS (Ac.) UPLANDS (Ac.) Streams (Ft.)
Restored         1,804 Enhanced         242 Preserved 2,755 Restored/Enhanced     189 Preserved   405 Restored/Enhanced 15,314 Preserved 43,508